What is Paleo?

The Paleo lifestyle is based off of our ancestors diet, the “caveman” diet. And there’s factual reasoning why they were not addicted to food, hundreds of pounds overweight, sluggish, and having gastric issues. We are built to eat meat, vegetables, fruit, seeds and nuts (Aka what we could gather, kill, pick and consume with the assistance of fire or water),  This doesn’t include sugars, rice, wheat or artificial ingredients. Man did not have tools to process wheat that create flour, and same with sugar and high fructose syrup. Especially artificial sweeteners that are horribly dangerous like aspartame. There is a great article from “Marks Daily Apple” that discusses how man was never meant to eat grain. Obviously plants don’t have intelligence (to a certain degree,) but their defense against man was for them to be mostly indigestible.

I jokingly call this lifestyle the apocalypse diet. If we had to live off land starting tomorrow, imagine what we’d eat. Meat of animals we hunted, seeds and nuts we could gather, spices herbs and vegetables from a garden. Maybe some fruit, maple syrup from a tree and honey from a hive- but not in excess, as these are items harder to find. Sweeter foods have a higher calorie count, thats why humans want to eat them more! It provides more calorie intake for us. If we found some honey, we would eat it then have to wait some time to find more. We wouldn’t be eating it like Winnie the Pooh. Our stores are stocked with honey, but even though it is a paleo food it doesn’t mean we should be eating excessive amounts.

We would never find any high fructose corn syrup or aspartame in nature. They are things to be avoided at all costs. If you can’t pronounce it or define it- do not eat it!

I’m notvsn expert (yet) but I can tell you a few things. When food became genetically modified and science took over our consumption, our diets changed. Oats, rice, wheat, and sugar became cheap and excessive. Our bodies became addicted to these foods. Big businesses who own these crops want us addicted, and they are very aware that the carbs and sugars will keep us hooked- regardless of how unhealthy it really is.

Lean pockets, reduced fat chips, whole wheat breads…these are things that we eat on diets, thinking that we are eating healthy. But in reality, it’s not healthy at all. The calories in regular and dirt foods are similar, and ingredients are even more dangerous. Its a sham to keep us in a cycle of addiction.

Diets will fail you because our food has failed us.

Try the Paleo life. It’s the best thing You can do for yourself.


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