Cauliflower Risotto


I used to love risotto. It’s full of cream, cheese and butter. It’s delicious, but not paleo. Not at all.

I love cauliflower. It’s so versatile, low in calories and takes on the flavor around it. And it’s a great companion to the primal lifestyle.

Today, I wanted risotto. I wanted it so bad. Chances are, you’ve seen “cauliflower rice” all over blogs, Pinterest and Instagram. A lot of recipes have you throw it into the microwave raw. Gross.

So here’s what I did to create my yummy creamy cauliflower risotto…

I buy a very large cauliflower head. Cut the head of cauliflower into bite size chunks.

Put 1/3 of those florets into a pan with a lid, along with 2/3 cup of Chicken Stock.



Chicken stock is darker and more flavorful than broth. Broth I’d great for soups, but stock is better for cooking!

Put that on a medium high heat with the lid on and let it steam.

With a food processor, put the rest of your florets in and pulse several times until you get a crumbly texture.


Add about 1/2cup of chicken stock to this. Some people use water, but I like my food to taste yummy 😉 Put the lid on this guy too on medium heat, stirring occasionally.

Ok onto our other delicious additions to the risotto.
We’re putting in lots of garlic, shallots, baby portobello mushrooms and uncured bacon. Bacon yay!

Finely chop up a big shallot. (You can use onion but I prefer the subtlety of shallots in this type of dish)

Slice up your mushrooms. One container should be just right.

Now here’s where I get weird. I have a lot of little tricks, this one you should really hear me out. Wash out that food processor we just used, and add 3 slices of bacon to it. Pulse it for a minute. It’s going to look strange, like a glob of meat. But that’s okay! Trust me on this.


See? Weird. Scoop it all out, just trust me. Okay?

Now your garlic. I used 5 cloves. Yes 5. Here’s another important fact. Garlic is great for you, the and oils that get released really make your food better. After I smash my cloves and remove the peel, I like to use a meat tenderizer and smash the hell out of them, like this:



Now after all of the smashing, I chop em up real good and smash my knife over the cloves, making a paste.


See all that moisture? That’s the oil. That’s goodness. That is flavor. Yummmm.

Get a nice large deep pan out and add about a tablespoon of oil.


Ah, the great oil debate. If you’re full paleo, you’ll want to stick to olive oil, avocado, macadamia and coconut oil. No canola or veggie oils, that stuff is garbage! I love me some avocado oil.


Add your shallots and mushrooms first. Cook them on medium for 5-10 minutes, until soft but not too brown. Remove from pan.



Add your glob of bacon and stir on medium high, see how it separates? Yes, tiny pieces of bacon that flavor your entire risotto vs. big chunks. See? Told ya.

Add everything back in, along with the garlic. Don’t let that garlic get brown!



Now take your cooked florets, and use a slotted spoon and add all of them back into your clean food processor. Don’t throw away your stock! Put the processor on, and slowly add all your stock. Let it blend a while.


Look! That’s cauliflower! Ok, now we add this to our veggies in the pan on low.


Mmmmm. Remember to salt this with lots of sea salt. Add your riced cauliflower.


Add some stock if it’s too thick.


Add your thyme, about a tablespoon. No stems!

Now let this bubble on low for a minute.

See that extra liquid on top? Let it boil off and reduce.


It will look like this when done 🙂 if you want extra creaminess, add some full fat coconut milk.



If you’re not paleo, I would add some Parmesan cheese! It would be fantastic. If you’re vegan, add some nutritional yeast.

It’s not the same as creamy cheesy risotto, but it’s pretty delicious and primal!

P.s. I paired mine with chicken breasts.



Marinate in mustard, avocado oil, tsp. lemon juice, pressed garlic cloves and baked at 400 for 15 minutes.



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